Our eyes locked from across the room...

Nah just kidding, our friends set us up, and it was obvious from the start that it was meant to be. All those cheesy songs made sense and we suddenly enjoyed romantic-comedies a lot more.

On Lake Michigan right after we got engaged

A few years later…

We got engaged at a lighthouse in Charlevoix, Michigan and married a year later at a barn in Long Island, happily surrounded by our family and friends. Our wedding present to ourselves was a stubborn, yet adorable, little french bulldog we named Roscoe. He’s since brought even more laughter and love into our lives.

We both feel really lucky to have found one another. Our first dance at our wedding was to This Must Be the Place, by the Talking Heads which does a pretty good job of summing it all up, "Home is where I want to be".

Cheering at the semi-finals of the Women's World Cup

Hiking across a volcano on the Big Island in Hawaii

Together we enjoy…

Weekend waffles, trips to the farmers market, starry nights with s'mores, antique shopping with our families, California sunsets, walks with Roscoe, Lake Michigan stone-skipping, Detroit muscle cars, hiking across volcanos, geeky art debates and, most of all, Mexican food. Becca likes to watch Michelle surf and Michelle likes to watch Becca play soccer.