Snow day in the park

Marching in the 2016 Pride Parade

We live in Brooklyn, NY

We are fortunate to live in a very diverse neighborhood, surrounded by great culture, amazing foods, and lots of wonderful friends and neighbors. Raising a child to appreciate community and respect all is very important to us.

We’re blocks away from anything we could want, including an incredible playground, multiple parks, a library and even a gymnastics center. We love taking walks with Roscoe and generally end up at either a park or a farmers market, bumping into a few people we know along the way.

Watching the 4th of July fireworks from our balcony

Hanging with our little buddy, Angelina, at the park

Clearly someone played too hard

Michelle giving Roscoe a scratch at the park

Having both moved to NYC with not much more than a suitcase, we’re pretty proud of the home we’ve built. We love art and photography and as a result, our walls are covered with our friends work and family photos.

We also both come from families where dinner is a big deal. We like to cook and take time for each other every night. Weekend breakfasts and family dinners are something we always look forward to.