How do we even begin to sum up our friends & family?!

We are extremely grateful for our family, so it's hard for us to limit what we say about them to one page on a website. They are our role models and support network.

Michelle's family on a recent visit to NYC

Michelle's parents posing for a shot at Yosemite

Our nephew Harper giving his feet a rest

Michelle's Family

Michelle’s parents have been together for 43 years and live just outside of LA. Michelle’s sister lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and our niece and nephew. We’re currently looking forward to meeting all of them in Yosemite for a week-long visit—a summer tradition.

Becca's family after an epic go-karting showdown

At the "Jellybean" in Chicago, with Becca's family

Becca and her sisters at a Tigers game

Becca's Family

Becca’s parents have been together 35 years and live just outside of Detroit with 2/3 of her sisters. The third sister is just a 5 hour car ride away in Chicago. Her parents live on a dirt road (where Becca grew-up) and have an acre of land. Needless to say it’s a giant backyard and we generally spend most of our time there sitting out on the deck.

Goofing off at the playground with our friends

Taking a break from playtime

And In Brooklyn…

We are thankful to have a great group of friends. Becca’s business partner and best friend of 10+ years is just a short walk away with his wife and daughter, Angelina (who we love babysitting). And our other besties—one of whom officiated our wedding—are dying to get on the extended auntie list. They live just a couple train stops away.