Helping teach Angelina how to wave!

Michelle and Roscoe at her painting studio


Michelle is a warm, caring person who is looking forward to becoming a parent. She is giving, thoughtful and has a natural ability to comfort. She’s excited to share her sense of adventure, creativity and heart.

Michelle grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, with her parents and older sister. True to her roots, she's easy-going, fun-loving and likes to surf. After getting a degree in Art, Michelle sold her car and moved across the country to New York City. She dove head first into the art world, working at some of the most prestigious galleries. Eventually she decided to get Master's degree in Painting, where she met some of her closest friends and joined a great community of artists. She has a studio where she works on her paintings and shows from time to time.

Michelle is also planning on staying home full-time once a baby joins our family.


  • Children's Book: The Giving Tree
  • Young Adult Book: James & the Giant Peach
  • Thing to Cook: Pies
  • Hobby: Crafts (currently quilting)
  • Kids Movies: ET, The Lion King, An American Tale
  • Fun Facts

  • Michelle's "happy place" is the beach (with or without a surfboard).
  • As a kid she wanted to be an geologist… as a result, we have a rock collection from our travels.
  • Becca Says

  • "Marrying Michelle was by far the best day of my life. I can’t even begin to imagine how truly amazing it will be to see her become a mother. I have no doubt she will make sure a child knows, without hesitation, that they are loved and supported."