Rocking baby Angelina to sleep

Becca and our niece, Daisy, playground bond


Becca grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, with her parents and 3 younger sisters, and has always loved the chaos of a large family. Among our friends and family she is known as the "baby whisperer" for her comforting, engaging and fun personality. She has looked forward to starting a family for as long as she can remember. In becoming a parent, she is excited to share simple pleasures from her childhood like road trips, holidays, campfires, bike rides, couch-cushion forts and lots of family time.

She is passionate, strong, and a little geeky. Becca got a degree in design, and soon after, a job in New York. She worked at large design firms, before co-founding a successful design studio with a partner and longtime friend. She's taught herself to code websites and is always learning something new.


  • Children's Book: Harold & the Purple Crayon
  • Young Adult Book: Little Women (Harry Potter close second)
  • Thing to Cook: Chicken Tacos
  • Hobby: Photography
  • Kids Movies: Up, Finding Nemo, Flight of the Navigator
  • Fun Facts

  • Becca plays soccer weekly, she wants to be a coach someday.
  • At one point she wanted to be an astronaut and she still enjoys star gazing.
  • Michelle Says

  • "From the beginning, Becca has loved me unconditionally and accepted me for who I am. She amazes me with her curiosity and passion for life and learning. Her imagination and rock-solid dependability is an unbeatable combination... she’s going to be a great parent."